Native Ad Spending Has Increased 300% In Three Years -PlanetBeyondTells

According to a three year study carried out by leading ad technology platform Nativo , the overall native spending in on the rise in the world. the total increase is over 600% from 2014 to 2016. Nativo gathered data from over 600 brands. this is the first time such a comprehensive study has been undertaken. This is [...]


WhatsApp Is Testing Features That Allow Businesses To Chat With Customers -PlanetbeyondTells

WhatsApp , the popular messaging service owned by Facebook and used by more than a billion people around the World is reportedly testing a system that would allow the businesses to chat directly to WhatsApp users for the very first time. Only some companies are part of this test. This is an important development considering [...]

Study Says Emoji’s 😀😕😂 Boost Push Notifications Open Rate By 85% – PlanetBeyondTells

Mobile marketers can boost rates of their push notifications by 85% with the use of emoji's according to a new report by Leanplum and App Annie.  The report says that standard push notifications are only opened 2.44% of the times and the push notifications that contain emoji's are opened at a much higher rate i.e [...]

What Are ChatBots And Why Are They Becoming A Must Have – PlanetBeyondTells

What ChatBot?  Well by definition "Chatbot is a service , which is powered by rules and sometimes by artificial intelligence , that is interacted via a chat interface. " Ok this was too much technical jargon. Let's just simplify it. ChatBot is a piece of Software that you chat with to get information, or to [...]

The Menace of Fake Clicks Fraud- PlanetBeyondTells

Ever heard of  fake clicks scams of PPC scams? if not then beware of this menace , that has engulfed the Search Engine giants. This scam is a pure work of Black hat harry's. They cheat both the search engines and the Ad companies running pay per click Ads. It is estimated that  Billions of [...]

Failure to utilize content: 3 Reason why companies fail to Market Content Successfully

As Digital and Content Marketing Professionals, you are well aware of the impact of generating buzz by effectively marketing your organizations content. As a graduate in the Northwestern Social IMC program and a HEAD of Marketing & Content at one of the leading mobile engagement companies in Pakistan, I have found two articles that address [...]