Google Will Soon Unveil The New Google Earth App -PlanetBeyondTells

The tech giant Google is going to held an event on April 18th that will unveil the new Google Earth app. well the company is not telling too much details at the moment but it is likely that it will be a major redesign of the app. it has not seen a redesign since being [...]


Google Is Now Showing Pinterest Like Images Which Are Shoppable -PlanetBeyondTells

Search giant Google has rolled out a new feature in its search engine that offers the users a very easy way of saving the images they find and want to view later , So basically Google is converting its image search into a shoppable experience. Google suggests that you can use the feature to save [...]

Youtube Has Blocked Ads From Channels With Fewer Than 10,000 Video Views -PlanetBeyondTells

Youtube has said that it is taking new measures to ensure that the content that is user generated doesn't get positioned next to brands or against controversial content, So for that Youtube says it is restricting ad based content to channels that do not have more than 10,000 video views in total. The social media company [...]

Google Is Shutting Down The Map Editing Tools -PlanetBeyondTells

Google map maker was a service introduced by the tech giant in 2008 , The site had powerful editing tools which allowed the users to build roads , landmarks , and the buildings. The things that were edited were sent for moderation by the community members and once approved they appeared in the Google Maps. [...]

What Is Google Data Studio & What Are It’s Uses -PlanetBeyondTells

  Analytics is a field that has always been challenging for most of the digital marketers. The data can be confusing , difficult and sometimes overwhelming. To solve all these big data problems Google has come up with a solution, It launched Google Data Studio its basic purpose is to serve the enterprises with data analysis and [...]

Google Maps Is Letting Users Share Their Location In Real Time -PlanetBeyondTells

Google Maps is unveiling a feature that will soon allow the users to share the real time location with friends and family. You can also tell your friends where you are and provide them with directions to your location and pick them on your way to the destination. The feature will be available to both iOS [...]

New Algorithm By Google Shrinks JPEG File Size By Thirty Five Percent -PlanetBeyondTells

Google has developed a new algorithm for JPEG which decreases the size of file by about 35%. This means that the image can be improved while keeping its image quality constant. Google has said that the new JPEG update is compatible with existing browsers, devices , photo editing applications as well as the JPEG standard. There [...]