Google Introduces Software That Can Greatly Improve Old Video -PlanetBeyondTells

Google Photos has been introducing new features of late like GIF editing and now it is getting even better with the introduction of the new video stabilization , The new feature comes in the latest app update and to use it you have to open a video that you have already shot and then let the [...]


Twitter Just Made It Easier For People To Broadcast Live Video -PlanetBeyondTells

Streaming Live video on the social network just became a lot easier. Twitter has said that it is bringing changes to it's live video API which will enable it's users to broadcast videos directly from the site rather than using the live video sharing app Periscope. Twitter  has said in it's announcement that this came from the [...]

Gmail Users Can Now View Video Attachments Directly In Email -PlanetBeyondTells

Gmail users behold, Google has made the Gmail experience even better for it's users. The small but very helpful change is particularly helpful for users who like to send and receive video attachments. Now instead of downloading ,  you can just view it in the page like a YouTube style video. The video attachments can still [...]

Facebook’s Fake News Problem And How The Tech Giant Is Dealing With It – PlanetBeyondTells

When you see a news story in Facebook news feed you assume that the story is true thus you share it, but what if the story seems fake then what you are doing through a simple mistake is spreading misinformation. This fake news phenomenon is not old instead it had started in start of 2016. [...]

Android Users Meet The New Google Assistant Which Will Rival Apple’s Siri -PlanetBeyondTells

What Is The New Google Assistant:  The Google Assistant is the latest offering from the Tech Giant. It is basically an upgrade of the extension of Google Now. It has been designed to be more personal as well as it is the expansion of the tech giant's existing "OK Google" voice controls. For the users of [...]

Study Says Emoji’s 😀😕😂 Boost Push Notifications Open Rate By 85% – PlanetBeyondTells

Mobile marketers can boost rates of their push notifications by 85% with the use of emoji's according to a new report by Leanplum and App Annie.  The report says that standard push notifications are only opened 2.44% of the times and the push notifications that contain emoji's are opened at a much higher rate i.e [...]

How Does Technology Affect Us- PlanetBeyondTells

The Technology Generation: We are living in the era of technology. It is everywhere and every time. We are over reliant on technology. Anything or everything that we do is somehow directly or indirectly effected by technology. Whether we are travelling or reading , socializing or eating our favorite food we are using technology. We [...]