Google Introduces Software That Can Greatly Improve Old Video -PlanetBeyondTells


Google Photos has been introducing new features of late like GIF editing and now it is getting even better with the introduction of the new video stabilization , The new feature comes in the latest app update and to use it you have to open a video that you have already shot and then let the app do its magic.

Press the stabilize mode which will produce a slightly trimmed video which is different from the original one. The new video will take some time to stabilize depending upon the factors such as the quality and the video size.

The video stabilization looks pretty good but it has a side effect that the video looks like it is breaking due to the warping effect created by the app

A lot of smartphones now offer the optical image stabilization in the shooting mode , The software can come in handy if you are using a low end smartphone that does not feature the stabilization mode , If you just want to smoothen the videos shot for Facebook and Instagram then the app will do just fine.


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