Google Will Soon Unveil The New Google Earth App -PlanetBeyondTells


The tech giant Google is going to held an event on April 18th that will unveil the new Google Earth app. well the company is not telling too much details at the moment but it is likely that it will be a major redesign of the app. it has not seen a redesign since being launched in 2001 and Google Maps has surpassed it since that by a long margin.

Google Earth was once the most coolest way of exploring out blue planet , Its detailed maps and the experience itself was mesmerizing but since that the maps have made long strides and their functionality has left the Google Maps far behind in terms of usage and usability.

The Google Earth has been the most advanced mode of searching our planet and it allowed you to do the things like use a flight simulator and view the effects of global warming over time , so it is expected that Google will add some really great features like virtual reality as they had announced about it in November of 2016.


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