Google Is Now Showing Pinterest Like Images Which Are Shoppable -PlanetBeyondTells


Search giant Google has rolled out a new feature in its search engine that offers the users a very easy way of saving the images they find and want to view later , So basically Google is converting its image search into a shoppable experience.

Google suggests that you can use the feature to save the things like a dress design or a hairstyle and use it later and show that to your tailor or your hairstylist basically making it a Pinterest clone because the social site has been using the same formula since its beginning.


At the moment the suggestions will be only appearing in the android mobile search app and only supports the categories of products like shoes , Sunshades and handbags. It will probably be expanded later on and the shopping results are being called the “similar items”. 

According to Google the feature relies on the machine vision to properly analyze the products and to pick out the similar items, It is not clear at this moment that how much it will impact the search results . The feature also depends on the web developers a lot as they are the ones that need to add the specific metadata to the site before the images can offer the suggestions. Google has said that they are planning to expand the features to more platforms by end of this year.


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