LinkedIn Has Introduced Lead Generation Forms In Sponsored Posts -PlanetBeyondTells


LinkedIn has now introduced the CTA (call to action) feature that will enable the marketers to get leads from people who read the paid content they offer on the site, The LinkedIn lead generation forms is the latest offering by the professional social networking website. When a user clicks on the sponsored post and is interested to know further about the offering then the LinkedIn profile will be automatically presented in the shape of a form which can be instantly submitted.

This concept is not unique but the way it has been presented by LinkedIn is rather innovative as the forms have been made while keeping the mobile users in mind.

“Given that 80 percent of member engagement with Sponsored Content happens on smartphones, we are confident that a mobile-first approach to Lead Gen Forms will offer advertisers the best results,” according to a group product manager at LinkedIn .

Once the users submit the form the advertisers can show an in-app page of thanks that leads the people to the website or the content. These forms eliminate the major obstacles faced in conversions that is the reliance on users for the filling out of forms. It becomes even more difficult on mobile devices due to which the advertisers face low rate of form submission.

The group product manager Divye Khilnani also told about the tasks that the user can accomplish with this form

  • Exceed your demand gen objectives:

90 percent of the 50 customers surveyed from our pilot beat their cost-per-lead goals. They also saw lower CPLs with Lead Gen Forms compared with their standard Sponsored Content campaigns.

  • But it’s the quality of the leads that our customers say they value most:

LinkedIn’s professional audience and accurate profile data help them collect leads that are more likely to convert into qualified prospects or sales opportunities.

  • Measure your return on investment:

Our reporting tools in LinkedIn campaign manager track key metrics like CPL, form fill rate and other important data points to measure the value you’re getting from your ad spend. In the near future, we’ll also include demographic reports that show the exact number of leads you’re getting from specific audience segments.

  • Easily manage your leads:

With Lead Gen Forms, lead management is seamless. You can download lead lists from Campaign Manager or sync leads with the marketing automation or customer-relationship-management system of your choice through our partners.  


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