Google Is Shutting Down The Map Editing Tools -PlanetBeyondTells


Google map maker was a service introduced by the tech giant in 2008 , The site had powerful editing tools which allowed the users to build roads , landmarks , and the buildings. The things that were edited were sent for moderation by the community members and once approved they appeared in the Google Maps.

In November of 2016 , Google had said that they are planning to shut down the map maker in March 2017 and as per 31st March the site has been officially shut down. The map creation tools proved to be a great addition for the construction of new and detailed maps.

The map maker was most valuable in the countries which did not have detailed maps to start with. The users created this detailed map view as a way of mapping the world.

Another reason for the closure of Google map maker is that most of the features it had were relocated to Google map one of them being Google local guides. the local guides will be rewarded for their contributions like being able to get early access to the new google map features which come in the future.

The local guides program is an innovative method for users that allows them to share their knowledge in exchange for digital points that they can use to get various rewards.


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