Samsung Announces It Is Killing Remaining Note 7 Phones Not Returned During Recalls -PlanetBeyondTells

On 24th March Samsung , The electronics giant has announced that it will now begin phasing out the last of the remaining units of its flagship handset by forcing the software updates which will prevent the un-returned Note 7 from charging according to the Korean herald. Samsung earlier had reported that out of 1 million note 7 devices that were sold over 96% were returned during the global recall.

Even after all that has happened few tech lovers are refusing to return their handset to Samsung despite repeated efforts and announcements by the company. The company has now announced that it will start phasing out the phones by the end of March. Samsung said it aims to give a mandatory update for the Note 7 users that would render it’s battery useless as it would stop charging.


In September of 2016 there were rumors that Samsung will remotely block the un-returned Galaxy Note 7 units which were ultimately confirmed by the company three months later in December. After the note 7 was launched in March 2016 it became widely popular because it was a smartphone lovers dream machine, but due a problem with its battery overheating the handset started exploding injuring a couple of people and one of the galaxy note 7 exploded mid flight which proved to be the last nail in the coffin for the handset.

Previously Samsung had taken other steps to ensure that the device owners return the handset, those included putting a ceiling on the maximum percentage of charge and blocking users from registering on mobile networks.


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