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Analytics is a field that has always been challenging for most of the digital marketers. The data can be confusing , difficult and sometimes overwhelming. To solve all these big data problems Google has come up with a solution, It launched Google Data Studio its basic purpose is to serve the enterprises with data analysis and visualization of data which helps to integrate the range of Google’s products such as Google Analytics , Google Sheets ,AdWords , bigQuery , YouTube and Attribution 360 ,

In today’s World data is everything, From small offices to homes and big enterprises , We all love data but we don’t particularly love the idea of seeing cluttered Excel sheets. Here is where  Google Data Studio comes in. Whereas it used to cost a fortune to generate reports that represented all the data, Now the same work can be done very easily through  Google Data Studio.

Following are the five main reasons if you want to use  Google Data Studio.

1. Make Great Reports:

The data studio was meant for visualization, they have made it more intuitive and simple to gather the information in a simple and beautiful report, Also the tool gives you the ability to change the colors, Its gradients and fonts , Basically all of the things that make your report standout from others .


2. Get Data From Various Sources:

One of the best feature of the data studio is that you can get data from multiple sources and compile them in a single location.

  • Adwords
  • Attribution 360
  • BigQuery
  • Soundcloud SQL
  • Google Analytics
  • MySQL
  • YouTube Analytics

Screen-Shot-2016-12-08-at-12.46.05-PM3.  Real Time Updates:

Data studio lets users make immediate changes to your reports and the results are instantly visible. The platform is dynamic so that when the original date sources are updated then the reports are also updated.

4. It Is Totally Free:

Google data studio is totally free and you can use it to create free reports. Previously Google had kept a limit for the reports in the free version but now it has been removed and you can create as much reports as you want, The users in the paid version enjoy a lot of benefits such as in the paid version up to 200 people can edit the document at once.

 5. Shareable Content:

Google Data Studio operates like any other document on Google Drive. The permissions can be granted to anyone and there is an option of collaboration as well , Working on Google Data Studio is the same as working on any other document on Google Drive.



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