Google Maps Is Letting Users Share Their Location In Real Time -PlanetBeyondTells

Google Maps is unveiling a feature that will soon allow the users to share the real time location with friends and family. You can also tell your friends where you are and provide them with directions to your location and pick them on your way to the destination. The feature will be available to both iOS and Android platforms soon.

To send your location to friends choose the “share location” option from the drop down menu of the Maps. It also gives you the option of selecting how long you would like to share your location for , in the end tap the contact you want to send the location to and they will start getting your location in real time.


 “The location-sharing feature is aimed at helping people find each other in crowded places, such as concerts and conferences, and users will retain control over who they share their whereabouts with and for how long “ according to Head of Maps at Google Jen Fitzpatrick. For the people who don’t have Google Maps app can share the link through a short link via an SMS.


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