4G LTE Comes To Feature Phones -PlanetBeyondTells

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Qualcomm has said that it is bringing 4G LTE connectivity technology to feature phones through it 205 mobile platform . The 205 mobile platform is basically a platform of system on a chip in simple terms.

According to Qualcomm “The platform supports consumers, micro-enterprises, and others to economically communicate using advanced LTE data services such as Voice-over-LTE and Voice-over-Wi-Fi,”.  other than the blazing fast LTE connectivity the benefits of this platform the benefits include improved battery life as well as better security.

“Feature phones are a lifeline in many emerging countries and the 205 Mobile Platform allows us to bring 4G connectivity and services to the masses with devices at price points never seen before.”. This was the statement of Qualcomm.


The Qualcomm 205 mobile platform is capable of upto 150Mbps download speed on 4G , 3G and 2G networks respectively, It has a dual core 1.1 GHz CPU and Qualcomm Adreno with dual SIM support. These feature phone will be targeted for south east Asia , Latin America and other emerging regions where people cannot afford high end smartphones.

The important thing here is that 205 platform will not have the cutting edge capabilities other Qualcomm chips boast but it will have support for front and rear cameras up-to 3MP , A VGA display of 60 frames per seconds for the option of streaming of videos.


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