Gmail Users Can Now View Video Attachments Directly In Email -PlanetBeyondTells


Gmail users behold, Google has made the Gmail experience even better for it’s users. The small but very helpful change is particularly helpful for users who like to send and receive video attachments. Now instead of downloading ,  you can just view it in the page like a YouTube style video.

The video attachments can still be downloaded. When the user will click on the link then a video will pop up which you can play back , adjust the quality and the sound level. This update is in particular very helpful for the mobile app users who want to send videos and receive them. The limitation of feature is that the Gmail attachments can not exceed 50 MB of size and for sending emails only 25MB of data is allowed so only only small bits of video can be sent which is in average resolution quality. The video attachments in the email will most probably include a thumbnail from the clip and when a user will click on the thumbnail the video will start playing inside a video player.


The announcement was made on the Google Blog. Although the company has already started rolling out the update but it will probably be a while before all of the Gmail users can start to benefit from the updated experience , 15 days were given by Google for the update to be available worldwide.


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