Google Has Just Made Some Major Changes To Drive-PlanetbeyondTells



Google has announced that it is bringing some major updates to Drive , the Online file storage service of the tech giant. Google has said that it is aiming to make the platform more useful for the business and enterprise users. The company also announced that the total daily active users of Drive have crossed “800 Million” which places it at the top of online file storage services available in the World today.

Through this update the “Google Vault” is now available for Drive . It is offering the tools which lets users archive the data for retention purposes as required by big companies. Secondly there is update called “Team Drives” which lets people manage their shared cloud files and the overall team members more better than before, this feature will provide the most value to users as it will enable the team to add new members to the drives , to keep track of the files and if one of the team member leaves then the admin has control over the drive to manage the sharing permissions and revoke them when it is desired .

Thirdly Google has brought in “Quick Access” which utilizes the company’s machine learning to learn from the users patterns and how he uses the service to give you the data as and when you desire. gonext_ui_teamdrive_blog

Google’s Vice President of Engineering Prabhakar Raghavan has said that “You’re probably familiar with Google Drive as essentially a personal file storage solution,”. “We took a look at that and said that a graphical user interface on top of the Unix ‘ls’ command is not that much of a value-add. So we asked: What does it take to really become a player in the enterprise.” 

The Drive has made it a lot easier for the users to store their data safely and securely, to sync and share it as well. The threats of data breach , compatibility issues and data migration problems. All these problems seem to have been solved largely thanks to the updates made on Drive.



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