Google Introduces Free Money Transfer Through Gmail -PlanetBeyondTells


Google is introducing new features for mobile version of Gmail according to the announcement on their blog . The users of google’s mail service will be able to send or receive money with anyone whether they have the Gmail address or not just with a tap of screen. Google Wallet has been in use since 2013 but this new addition makes it more easier than ever to exchange money .

The option has been made available for the Gmail app. Google says that sending money now is as simple and easy like attaching a file in  Gmail . All that is needed is to select the attachment logo on the compose screen and to then select the “send money” option , this will open up the Google Wallet with a field where addition of detailed information like the amount , the transfer beneficiary are entered.

After the money has been added the system will generate a card like receipt will be shown in the email and the recipient will get the notification of “Claim Money”. The recipient will click on the claim money notification and the amount will be transferred to their Google Wallet .  


The best thing about this is that users can exchange money with others as long as they have an email address , however there is a catch to this scenario , both the users must have a  Google Wallet account , the good news is that Google  doesn’t charge anything to send this amount. There is also an option for users to send money directly to their bank account.

This feature is currently available for version 7.2.26 of  Gmail for Android.  This option is available only in the US at current and Google has not given a time frame of the worldwide roll out of this application.



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