Top Five Encrypted Messaging Apps Of 2017 -PlanetbeyondTells

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In the tech world where hackers can break into personal devices with more ease than ever before and the privacy issues of citizens getting flouted by tech giants all around the world , it is imperative for the technology users to secure their devices as it contains all their information and personal data like photos , chat history and other private details. To see that information getting stolen or leaked online is a big threat and should be taken seriously by every user.

Developers are creating encrypted services and launching end -to-end encryption, these options that we can enable in apps , with these tools users can make sure that it is only them and the people they are communicating with that get the information that is sent and no one else gets the memo.

The Best Encrypted Apps:

  • WhatsApp: 



WhatsApp last year enabled end -to-end encryption on all the platforms, WhatsApp also provides a security code so that you can verify that your messages are not being hacked. This way all of your chats are protected and the personal information is secure.WhatsApp is available for both iOS and Android , all you need to have is a verifiable phone number. At present WhatsApp has over a billion users.

  • Viber:


Viber is another good messaging app, with the launch of it’s version 6.0 it rolled out end -to-end encryption thus making its users safe from hacking attacks.  Viber also has an encryption overview that is an excellent guide for the people who want in depth details of the security features. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The total users worldwide are 754 Million.

  • Signal:


This is one of the best app available for messaging platform, it is easy to use and most important of all it’s design and encryption protocols make it standout from the other messaging apps. The app can be used to send and receive instant messages , voice calls and a group messaging function as well. The app is available across iOS and Android. The total users worldwide are around 10 Million.

  •  Line:


Line app offers free VoIP calls and messages. It is easy to setup and use as it requires mobile phone for registration. It is free and allows voice calls but no video calls. Line added  end -to-end encryption in 2015. It also offers paid calls to mobile and landline users. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It’s total users Worldwide are over 700 Million.

  • Wickr Me:


Wickr is an app that has end -to-end encryption , it also has the option of sending messages which can be programmed to self destruct after a certain period of time has gone by. This app has a handy wipe feature to securely erase messages. Wickr also has a “secure shredder “ feature that enables you to erase the attached files , messages and other data if anyone tries to recover something from your mobile phone. This app is available for Android and iOS. The total worldwide users are around 2 Million.




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