Facebook’s Fake News Problem And How The Tech Giant Is Dealing With It – PlanetBeyondTells

People pose with mobile devices in front of projection of Facebook logo in this picture illustration taken in Zenica

When you see a news story in Facebook news feed you assume that the story is true thus you share it, but what if the story seems fake then what you are doing through a simple mistake is spreading misinformation.

This fake news phenomenon is not old instead it had started in start of 2016. The tech giant is now tackling the spread of fake news, it has started a program that alerts the user of the disputed news flagged by third party independent fact checkers. Facebook has also made it easier for its users to dispute a news story which they deem is inaccurate.

Facebook has released a video which is introducing the steps it is taking to ensure that the spread of fake news is curbed.

The tech giant in December of 2016 had announced the steps it will take, it had said that it would start labeling and burying fake news, the social media platform has partnered up with the top media organizations which are 42 in number, they independently verify the news and all of them adhere to the code of principles

When these media fact checkers will not authenticate the veracity of a story Facebook will not block the story instead it will flag the story as disputed.

disputed news

Here is what Facebook said in short.

“To see why a news story was marked as disputed on Facebook.

  1. Hover and click underneath the disputed story.
  2. Click ‘About Disputed Stories,’ or go directly to the independent fact-checking website.”

What you can do if you dispute the information you see. Facebook has defined the procedure to report the false news. Here is what you can do.

  1.  First you click “v” next to the post you suspect is fake and mark it.
  2. Then click “report the post”
  3. Third step is to click “it is a fake news story”
  4. Lastly click on “mark this post as fake news”

Facebook has also made it easy for it’s users to let their friends know if they have posted a disputed news article. You can simply let that person know by sending him/her the message, you can also block that person.


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