WhatsApp Is Testing Features That Allow Businesses To Chat With Customers -PlanetbeyondTells

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WhatsApp , the popular messaging service owned by Facebook and used by more than a billion people around the World is reportedly testing a system that would allow the businesses to chat directly to WhatsApp users for the very first time.

Only some companies are part of this test. This is an important development considering that since Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion three years ago it has not developed any business model. Facebook intends to make money from the messaging juggernaut..

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According to Reuters which has seen the documents of project , One source of revenue under consideration is to charge the businesses who want to contact the subscribers of WhatsApp .

One of the major problems that comes with any paid messaging is the use of spam messages but the documents show that the company is working very carefully to avoid the spam messages problem. WhatsApp is taking out user surveys about the intent of the subscribers to talk to businesses or whether they have ever received any spam.

As spelled out by it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg  in November 2016 on how the company wants to monetize WhatsApp .  He said that “the shift from a viable product to making money of it requires them to build a great consumer experience and get it to scale . Give people a way to organically communicate with business & Give business tools to reach those people”. 


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