This Disk-Wiping Malware Which Wrecked Havoc In 2012 On A Massive Scale Has Returned -PlanetBeyondTells


shamoon 3

Meet Shamoon The Deadly Malware: 

Shamoon a cyber sabotage program that had wiped data in 2012 from 30,000 computers at once in Saudia Arabia is back with a vengeance to target even more computers that are server-hosted virtual desktops.

According to researchers of Moscow based antivirus developer Kaspersky lab the new malware has been given the name “StoneDrill”The Shamoon version 2.0 is now more dangerous than ever with it’s new tools and techniques which include 32-bit and 64-bit components.

The Shamoon version two i.e StoneDrill has a very impressive ability to avoid coming in the radar by bypassing the use of disk drivers during its installation. The Shamoon virus spreads to other computers on a local network by the use of stolen credentials and then it activates the deadly disk-wiping function on the hardware on a Pre-configured date.

shamoon 2

How To Save Your Hardware From These Type Of Malware Attacks: 


  1. You should back up your files regularly and the backups should be stored elsewhere than the PC.
  2. Download the latest version of your web browser and also ensure that is fully updated and it utilizes the latest in technology to identify and filter out phishing sites which can possibly install Trojan viruses.
  3.  Install a strong Internet security software (antivirus) and protect your computer.
  4. Make sure that a website is not suspicious before you visit it. Use the software’s that automatically check the websites for any suspicious links. software such as AccountGuard and ScamBlocker.
  5. Always be careful while engaging in peer-to-peer file sharing.



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