Study Says Emoji’s πŸ˜€πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚ Boost Push Notifications Open Rate By 85% – PlanetBeyondTells


Mobile marketers can boost rates of their push notifications by 85% with the use of emoji’s according to a new report by Leanplum and App Annie. Β The report says that standard push notifications are only opened 2.44% of the times and the push notifications that contain emoji’s are opened at a much higher rate i.e 4.51%. This is helping app publisher and marketers to improve the engagement both with users and customers , and it is a big step towards the path of making push notifications more profitable.

The study has reviewed 5000 campaigns of push notification and 2.6 billion push messages individually and concluded that the emoji using notifications had grown by 163% from 2015 till 2016.

For some of you who don’t know what are push notifications are , A Push notification is a message that shows up on a mobile device in the form of pop up message. You download any app like fitness app , travel app , game app or organizer app. The publishers of app can send them at any time and and users don’t have to be in the app necessarily to receive them. The notifications can do a lot of things such as they can tell you about the latest promotions of the flash sale , to send you the latest trends in fashion or to tell you about an event like a concert or a social event.

The push notifications are designed like a SMS text as well as a mobile alert, they only reach the users who have installed the app. Each platform of mobile has support for these notifications such as iOS, Android , Windows , Fire OS Β and Blackberry all have their services. The messages are displayed on the lock screen and this feature is for the convenience and to create value for the app users.


Why Do Push Notifications Get A Boost By Emoji’s”:

According to the report byΒ LeanplumΒ &Β App AnnieΒ the people’s brains react to emoji’s as the same way that they react to faces of people. They are non verbal and therefore are processed as an emotional signal and not a logical signal so it attracts a different part of our brain therefore creates a chance for an impact beyond the pure logic of the message”.


So clearly the emoji’s can play a fantastic role but there is a catch to ensure that you achieve better opening rates the notifications should be personalized as response to user’s behavior.

“We have made tones of changes in the app since your last update. get the latest version to ensure that you are getting the most out of our app”Β  is always a better motivator then to “have 15% more value back if you buy 15000 Rs worth of merchandise”Β regardless how much emoji’s it has.




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