Google’s RCS Messaging App Is The Future of Android Texting And It’s Soon Coming To Pakistan – PlanetBeyondTells


What Is Google RCS: 

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is basically a part advanced messaging standard which is designed to improve greatly the functionality of messaging that comes pre-installed on phones by default. RCS allows higher quality picture messaging up to 10MB in size along with Text messages. RCS also allows group chats , location sharing and video calls as well.

For RCS to be sent and received both the users should be using a compatible messaging app and network. Google developed the app through Jibe which it had bought in 2015.

Google is calling this app Android Messages and it will be a direct rival of iMessage of Apple and whatsapp of Facebook. This app can be directly downloaded from Google Play store and Google is also working with carriers and handset manufacturers to offer this app as default when they purchase the phone. Google is presenting this app as a replacement to the SMS service that we all are so used to now and it is in use since ages. Unlike mobile messaging apps this app will work on cellular networks and not bound to the other requirements like operator or device


Back in the days when SMS used to be so simple. There was a limit of 160 characters per message and people used flip phones and simple feature phones. It was all people needed and all they asked for but when texting was replaced with group messaging and video calls the SMS was left out of the competition for good. Whatsapp and iMessage made full use of the SMS’s demise and took over the market. RCS is Google’s answer of bringing messaging back into the game.

RCS In Pakistan:


Google has partnered up with Telenor in Pakistan to offer the Android Messages app through the carrier’s extensive Network. Subscribers of Telenor who have the Messenger app on their phones will be able to get automatic access to RCS services with the help on an app update and for the subscribers who don’t have the app they will get it from the Play store.


Secondly it has taken QMobile on board to offer the app as a default download in the smartphones range available in the country. QMobile has  52% share of smartphone market in Pakistan and it has launched phones who are mid priced and android based capturing the lion’s share of mobile phone market and maintaining a winning streak since it was launched in Pakistan in 2009.




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