The Alternative To Windows Is Here But With A Twist. Meet the Remix OS That Is Android Based -PlanetBeyondTells


The Installable Windows Alternative Is Here: 

Remix OS is an Android Based operating system developed by Jide Technology. It is primarily made for desktops and Laptops. The Remix is a free software that creates a bridge between the two systems i.e your smartphone and your laptop or tablet by combining Android’s titanic app library with a desktop GUI (Graphical User Interface). There is something else also the Remix OS runs effortlessly fast on hardware that is not very high-end thus making it a preferred choice for Chromebooks and Netbooks.

If you are thinking that this is just some android software that will connect my smartphone to Laptop or tablet then think again because this is the Remix OS and it is more than just a connector to link your smartphone but this more like a customized Android software that looks more like Windows or Macintosh than Android.

It has a start menu and you can swipe in from your right side for the notification which is a feature of Windows 10 and Mac OS X. Then you can right click on pretty much everything or anything that you have installed as an app on your smartphone. The apps run in individual Windows or the full screen. Remember that those apps are Android so the Remix OS will run any app such as Microsoft Word , Facebook to Instagram or Snapchat for instance.


The results are remarkable. Remix’s combination of Android and Windows GUI is a perfect match and the outcome creates very user friendly and and comfortable operating system.

 What Are the Ways to Use Remix OS: 

Remix OS was born out of the Android x86 project which customizes Android for x86 architecture. What Remix OS has done is to borrow the GUI elements from a desktop and fuse it with the x86 compatible version of Android.

There are three primary ways to use Remix OS

  • You can burn a live image of Remix OS to USB flash drive which is the simplest option.
  • Second option is to install the Remix OS to a hard drive. this is not a recommended method and can damage the drive’s data. however this is an option none the less.
  • The third option is to run the Remix OS in a virtual machine ( the non EFI version supports it)

Whatever the method or the option you use one thing is for sure that the Remix OS is making it’s mark in the OS these days and according to Co-founder of Jide David Ko “it will give consumers the added benefit of a desktop computer thrown in for free. “If your phone can replace [your PC], it’s a huge saving, and has a big impact to productivity.”



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