What is Facebook Safety Check And How Its Helpful In Time Of Crisis – PlanetBeyondTells


Facebook safety check is a service that helps people find family and friends in time of crisis and natural disaster. According to the social media giant it is a feature that in times of disaster and crisis people are worried about finding their loved ones and this feature helps in locating them.

Safety check was introduced in 2014 to know the safety and location of people present at the place of event/disaster . In the time of a disaster communication becomes very vital between the people who are there and the people who are anxious to hear about the well being of people trapped in the disaster.

Facebook has set some guidelines for safety check feature to activate.

  • First of all Global crisis reporting agencies iJET and NC4 alert Facebook that a disaster has occurred in a specific area.
  • If considerable number of people are talking about an incident Facebook will send them a prompt notifying them to mark themselves safe and this check will be visible to their friends list via a status update.

This feature helps people find others and respond to provide help in time of crisis. The relief organizations and emergency services respond to such events.


Safety Check Has been Updated To Offer Food , Transport & Shelter: 

The feature update which is called Community Help lets people share their resources with the affected people during a crisis. This feature has been deployed in US, Canada , Saudia Arabia , Australia & New Zealand at present but it will soon be available all across the World.

The community help feature will be available for both Natural and Accidental incidents. Facebook has said that “if an incident is a natural or accidental disaster, people will see Community Help. They can find or give help, and message others directly to connect from within Safety Check“.

In times of crisis there is a need to help people out who are affected by the event and Facebook said that it has observed that people make groups and share posts to help out the affected people so it is now incorporating this option in community help in this update to formalize the process. Facebook said “talked with experts, humanitarian relief organizations and our own in-the-field researchers to learn how to make it easier for people to find and give help“.

Connecting with people is of utmost importance but in the times of emergency it becomes vital to be of help to loved ones and friends when they need someone’s help the most.



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