What Are ChatBots And Why Are They Becoming A Must Have – PlanetBeyondTells


What ChatBot? 

Well by definition “Chatbot is a service , which is powered by rules and sometimes by artificial intelligence , that is interacted via a chat interface. ” Ok this was too much technical jargon. Let’s just simplify it.

ChatBot is a piece of Software that you chat with to get information, or to get things done or be entertained. The service can be used for any number of things like functional to fun. Think of ChatBot as a replacement for all of your apps well not all bot most of them so instead of using your app to check exchange rate you can just tell your ChatBot to do the desired and it will tell you the current rate.

Chatbots are like a personal assistant that helps you out in case you want to make a decision which in this case could be buying a shirt from your favorite clothing store to life advice. The question now arises is that why would anyone want to take advice from a bot or what is its use? why would someone take advice from a bot and how will i benefit from it.

ChatBots are being called the new hot thing in Technology.


Types Of ChatBot:

There are two types of ChatBots, those who are not smart and then we have Artificial Intelligence enabled ChatBots. The dumb ChatBots have been around since long times. They will only reply to your basic commands and if you ask anything technical it will not recognize your query. The AI enabled bots however are something much more sophisticated and interactive.

The AI enabled Bots get smarter as they interact with people. Bots have a purpose of creation and whether it has been deployed at one of the leading clothing brand social media page or the famous fast food joint is using the ChatBot to become more customer savvy then these bots are making their presence felt now.

ChatBots Are The Future Of Customer Service:

Now more people are using messaging platforms than ever before. That means more people are now spending time online to talk to others. Messaging apps are the platforms of the future. Businesses who want to capitalize on good customer service and an interactive user experience are now deploying ChatBots to please their customers.

More interactive and personalized experience of customer services is possible due to ChatBots. According to a survey by Retale  58% of the people between the age of 18 and 34 had interacted with a ChatBot on the social media and among those people who had not yet interacted with the ChatBots 53% of them were interested to interact with it.


It will be some time before ChatBots become as useful as they are intended to be , right now its’s more of a hype and basic versions of bots that are deployed right now. The future looks great and we are looking forward to it.


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