How Does Technology Affect Us- PlanetBeyondTells


The Technology Generation:

We are living in the era of technology. It is everywhere and every time. We are over reliant on technology. Anything or everything that we do is somehow directly or indirectly effected by technology. Whether we are travelling or reading , socializing or eating our favorite food we are using technology. We are making the most of technology. Technology drives our actions, effects our outcomes and enriches our decisions.

By the dawn of 21st Century the Tech companies had started making their mark on the world. companies like Microsoft (founded in 1975), Apple (Founded in 1976) , Oracle (founded in 1977) and Google (founded in 1998) made their mark on the World early. Others like Amazon , Facebook and Tencent followed suite.

Now this is just the Tip of the iceberg . There are thousands upon thousands of tech companies striving to make a difference in our lives through different value additions, It is impossible to list all the things that tech has done to make our lives easier be it bringing efficiency in our lives, getting things done faster and easier or helping us achieve greater productivity levels.

Reliance On Technology:

All this talk of effect of technology has raised a fundamental question. Are we over Reliant on Technology?

The Answer is yes , we are reliant on technology but the level of reliance varies from person to person. Technology has enriched our lives , it has made us a smart worker from a hard worker. As time is progressing we are inventing new ways of changing our live and bringing a revolution in our life. All this has been possible due to technology and its applications in our daily routine.

Technology is a bliss but the technology is there to serve us, not the other way round. essentially every technology that is created is to fulfill its purpose and create value for people. Technology should only be used as long as it doesn’t make us lethargic or cause us to procrastinate because it would kill the purpose of becoming efficient and more productive.




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