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Are you having a Job interview tomorrow or your dream employer called you up to schedule an interview and you are feeling the jitters. Don’t worry just scroll down to this do’s and don’ts list.

Let’s start with the things that you should probably skip for the itinerary. According to most employers these are the important things that you should really NOT do in an interview.

1. Not Dressed Properly:

This is the number one problem for any Interviewer. Do you really think that wearing an I AM AWESOME printed T-shirt to a job interview is going to make you the awesome one in the interviewer’s eyes? Yeah you guessed it, it won’t.

Dress properly and the possible attire for men should be formal trousers and dress shirt. if you have facial hair then get them trimmed, complete the look with neat gelled back hairs. women should wear a suit, they should not wear heavy embroidery clothes and, not very bright colors.  Should not be very fancy , wear minimal jewelry and keep a neat hairstyle , hairs should be tied and use light shades in makeup.

2. Appearing Less Interested:

If you want to ace the interview, then don’t do this at all. the more you look energetic and enthusiastic the more chances there are for your success. The employers are looking for people who are problem solvers not lethargic problem avoiders.

3. Knowing Only Just Enough About The Company:

Avoid this at all costs. Do your homework before leaving for the interview, read their Blog, follow their news and know who is who in the company. The more you do some research the better.  Make it a point to know their revenues if they have published them and lastly try to find out what their culture is and what hierarchical structure do they follow.

4. Know Who Are The Company’s Top Three Competitors: 

knowing only about the company is not enough, you have to be ahead of the game and know who are the top three competitors of the company. This information will give you an edge and will automatically give you an edge over your fellow interviewees.

5. Using Cell Phone Because You Are A Social Media Addict And Cant Stop Using It For Twenty Seconds Even: 

Even if you are a social media freak still you have to lock your inner freak down and keep that phone silent and out of use from the instance your interview starts till the time it stops.

6. Lying during the Interview:

Never ever do that. if you think you are smart and can dupe the interviewer easily. it doesn’t happen this way. he/she will get to know that you are lying sooner or later and that’s it. That the nail in the coffin. If the interviewer asks you that do you lie and you answer straightaway that you don’t then well you are lying. Answer the question with a pause and give the answer in a professional way. tell the interviewer that yes. If the situation arises in the organization that i have to lie to save the company’s reputation then i will do so.


Now Comes the Do’s Part:

1. Arrive Early at the designated place: 

Always try your level best to reach the office or the designated place well before appointed time. Before D day try to get familiar with the place and the routes that lead to it. Arrive at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. If , by the stroke of bad luck you are late phone the company and give them the update

2. Bring Extra Resumes:

Always remember to bring along some extra resume copies. You never know when it may come in handy during the interview.

3. Request Permission Before Entering the Room and Offer A Firm Handshake if Offered: 

While entering the room ask for the interviewers permission, ask once for the permission and no one responds enter the room. Don’t just barge in and sit on the chair without asking for permission. If the interviewer is busy don’t offer handshake and ask for permission to sit on the chair. Remember to have a firm handshake and look into the eyes of the interviewer or anybody else that you come across in the organization . Don’t try to make the interviewer uncomfortable by trying to forcefully hug him or her. When leaving the room if the interviewee is offering handshake then shake hands otherwise leave the room while saying thank you to the interviewer

4. Body Language: 

Your body language tells a lot about you. During the interview sit upright and don’t lean to sides. If you sit leaning forward, cross your legs or fold your arms it gives the impression that you are in a defensive mode and not open to others opinions. Sit upright and don’t fold your arms or interlock your fingers. Sit in a posture that tells that you are open to ideas and agree to other people’s opinions.

5. Wear A Smile:  

Answer the questions and all the related queries with a smile and leave that grin outside the office place. Don’t frown or become angry at all costs. This one is a definite NO.

6. Be Inquisitive: 

You should be inquisitive and ask the interviewee about the company, its culture , the benefits that is offering and what incentives do they give to their employees. Don’t be like a silent spectator when the interviewer asks you that “do you have any questions that you want to ask us”.

6. Write Down The Presentation Points Immediately After The Interview:

Jot the points down so that you remember the important points. The important details may become crucial later on for the second interview.


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