What is Meant by Social Media Marketing-PlanetBeyondTells

Social Media Marketing or (SMM) for short. It refers to the concept of driving traffic to your webpages or Website through the use of Social Media Pages or utilizing your Social Media sites.  The main aim of Social Media Marketing is to use your resources and create content that people share across the internet and Social Media.


Social Media Marketing is intended to increase a company’s brand exposure therefore increasing its social media presence and increasing the followers and likes. People like the content and share it across social media sites making it viral and getting instant recognition.

Social Media Marketing is also important because it creates a more personal relationship with the followers and their feed backs are directly answered so its a form of social media customer relationships (SMCR). It helps companies generate back links and create some SEO for their websites.



Why Social Media is So Important:

Websites such as Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin, Pintrest , Instagram are some of the Social Media Giants. People are building Businesses through this resource by making their pages like Planet Beyond has and reaching the customers in a more personal and social way.

It is worth mentioning here that social media doesn’t guarantee a quick return neither it should be taken lightly. It takes time to build a momentum and create good content that people like and share on the social media. Facebook has 1.3 Billion daily active users and a total of 1.79 Billion mobile active users. These figures present unlimited opportunities for business and celebrities alike. Since the arrival of these social media platforms the business world has  adopted to the changes that the social media has to offer.

Social Media Marketing challenges the creator of the content to think out of the box and write blogs and articles that people can easily relate to and the Search Engine Optimization tactics that the people employ to increase their page ranks and get a better position in the searches What Is SEO – PlanetBeyondTells see this link if you want to get the hang of SEO.

Summing it all up Social Media is a tool that in the hands of the clever makes them a star and in the hands of the dumber kinds makes them a nobody.






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