The Menace of Fake Clicks Fraud- PlanetBeyondTells


Ever heard of  fake clicks scams of PPC scams? if not then beware of this menace , that has engulfed the Search Engine giants. This scam is a pure work of Black hat harry’s. They cheat both the search engines and the Ad companies running pay per click Ads.

It is estimated that  Billions of Dollars are stolen each year due to PPC frauds, fake traffic and the click frauds due the complex structure of Online Advertisement , the multilayered and the  or the so should the non-Advertisers cloud be intimidated by this scam or should they view the PPC campaigns with suspicion, well the answer is both yes and no

Confused let us solve this riddle. As the the search engines have evolved so have the Ad-words and the online Advertisement, The Marketers that drive traffic to the Websites have introduced new ways to target their customers. The users find new and targeted Ads and click on them depending upon their need or how much the ad attracts them.


lets say the users search for leading location based services Companies in Pakistan and they come across ads of Planet Beyond , If the user clicks on this Ad then the Marketers and the website have to pay some money against this click.

The Ad is clicked repeatedly without showing a real interest in the product that is offered. the budget is artificially inflated and the Marketers end up paying more in the return. Recently a Russian Methbot Scam made headlines across the globe when they stole five Million Dollars through a PPC scam.

This poses a real danger and the  companies lose a lot of Ad Dollars in the mess , It is estimated that $ 6.3 Billion will be lost in this year due to PPC frauds. As search based Marketing is a huge industry and the Search Engines make tons of cash in this segment. according to Marketing veteran and critic Bob Hoffman “Probably 50% of the ad revenue is being stolen from the Advertisers”. The search engines are coming up with new ideas to target the users and eliminate this click fraud but there is still a long way to go.


2 thoughts on “The Menace of Fake Clicks Fraud- PlanetBeyondTells

  1. Click fraud is one of the most annoying, dishonorable acts anyone could enact on your campaigns.
    Ever since a competitor of mine moved to town, my ad budget has been rapidly draining. Although he won’t ever admit it I know for a fact he is the one committing the fraud, exhausting my budget and driving up the auction.
    I tried relying on Google’s built in anti-fraud filtering system but it proved only semi-successful, filtering out about 35% of the fraudulent clicks.
    After contacting Google and being told that the situation is likely not going to change, I’ve turned to third party softwares that block fraudulent clicks. The one that gave the best all-around protection was definitely Clickcease.
    If you are worried about your budget and know that you are being attacked, that tool will give you alot more control over whoever is clicking on your ads.


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