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What is SEO, it stands for search engine optimization, Ever heard the name before if not then don’t worry at all we have got that covered for you. What SEO does in plain words that it improves the rank of your webpage in the search engines so that when somebody types in the name of your webpage or blog it comes in the top of the search rankings.

It is said that the best way to bury someone is one the second page because they would never be found there. More than 71% people that search for a webpage don’t bother to see the search results of second page and click on the first three organic results that come their way. So SEO is very important tool.

How Search Engines Rank Webpages

SEO is not something magical or mystical, it is just some background research of keywords that people are searching for on the internet and if you don’t know what a keyword is then let us break it down for you. Keywords are the the words that someone types in a search engine , look the following example.

                                                          “the leading VAS providers in Pakistan”


 In the above sentence VAS , Providers , Pakistan , leading are keywords. The search engines recognize these words and its search bots crawl its database of webpages and looks for the most relevant pages and displays organic search results containing these webpages. Now you must be wondering how Google or any other search engine knows how to rank webpages in the order that it does then here is the short answer for that.

The more people land on a webpage , click its pages and spend time on it the higher it will rank, some other ways of increasing backlinks , what is a backlink you are probably wondering right now, backlinks are the incoming links from other webpages that lead to your webpage and make it more authentic and attractive for the search engines consequently increasing your webpage ranking and making you more visible on the result. viola mission achieved.

Another way of increasing your webpage rank is to write good quality content Failure to utilize content: 3 Reason why companies fail to Market Content Successfully. Not having a good quality content is a sure shot way to get on the 81st page of search results and you dont want to be there do you?


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