Failure to utilize content: 3 Reason why companies fail to Market Content Successfully

As Digital and Content Marketing Professionals, you are well aware of the impact of generating buzz by effectively marketing your organizations content. As a graduate in the Northwestern Social IMC program and a HEAD of Marketing & Content at one of the leading mobile engagement companies in Pakistan, I have found two articles that address the reasons why some organizations fail to market their content successfully.

In a recent trending article by Sujan Patel “Why Most Companies Fail at Content Promotion” he sheds light on how Bill gates back in the year 1996 gave birth to the term “Content is King” but despite his vision, Microsoft still has no significant content business that stands out. He further details how Microsoft and many other companies have failed to promote their content the right way. His article further dwells that failure to maximize brand loyalty, not believing in the value of content marketing and focusing on ROI and not content are the 3 main reasons why companies have failed to promote their content.


In another article “11 REASONS SMALL BUSINESSES FAIL AT CONTENT MARKETING” it is further touched upon that content marketing is one of the most powerful and widely adopted strategy in today’s competitive market and failure to do so results in damaging their brand. The article highlights, not knowing your target audience, Lack of strategy or goals are the 3 top reasons that companies fail to market their content effectively. The article also highlights that lack of quality content, content plan, diversity and missing the basic of SEO are paramount to why companies have had a tough time Marketing their content.

As a content Marketer and avid follower of best Social Media and Content Marketing techniques these two articles have led me to the below three steps that will help CMO’s in strategising the right way.

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR GOAL: This has to be the first & most important aspect of any marketing campaign. Bringing into line a goal to each piece of content you create can provide help into; what works, what you should focus on; and what to discard.
  2. KNOW YOU’RE TARGET AUDIENCE: Not knowing who your target audience is, is like chasing a cricket match with no target to win. You will end up exhausting your energy and plan on people who are not your audience. Identifying your brand’s users is key to defining plans that your best prospects will respond to.
  3. FOCUS ON CONTENT, ROI will follow: Focusing on the goal, knowing your audience and meticulous planning NOT measure each ROI will help grow your brand presence, loyalty and drive engagement. If you deliver on quality content, ROI will follow.

As a CMO in the Digital Marketing BOOM, following these three actions items will help you better prepare for the marketing your content in the most effective way.


Muhammad Ali Shah is head of Marketing and Content at one of the leading Mobile engagement companies in Pakistan specializing in SMS Marketing and content creation and also an avid food blogger. Currently enrolled as a participant in the Coursera Northwestern University Social Marketing program. Muhammad Ali can be reached at Twitter and LinkedIn


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